5 years of Dani: The master of Microsoft technologies and team player with heart

Daniel Sevince, Stv. Leiter

How Dani inspires our team with expertise and friendliness

If anyone has created positive vibes in the last five years, it’s Dani Sevinc. As Deputy Head of Microsoft Competence and an expert in Microsoft Dynamics and PowerPlatform, he successfully implements projects that make our customers happy.

What makes Dani so special? It is his unbeatable mixture of competence, curiosity and the pursuit of further development. He is the colleague who always has an open ear and gives even the most stressful projects a relaxed touch. His cooperative, friendly manner makes him a team player who strengthens and motivates others. He contributes new ideas, shares his knowledge generously and ensures that everyone pulls together. No wonder he is highly valued as a #proudOnliner by employees and customers alike.

Curious to find out more? We asked Dani about the last five years with us:

When you look back on your time here at the company, what unexpected challenges have you overcome?

At the beginning, the «D365 & PowerPlatform» team consisted of 5 people. Unfortunately, the order situation declined and the customer base shrank massively. Together with all areas of the company, we have once again managed to build up a broad customer base and a stable order situation.

What has been the most memorable moment or event over the past few years at Online?

The 2019 Christmas party was the most memorable event of my employment to date.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any point in your time as an employee, which moment or day would you choose and why?

My first team event, as it was the first time I was able to meet all the employees live – including our team colleagues from Poland.

If your career here at the company were a soundtrack, what song or pieces of music would best represent it?

The Final Countdown by Europe (for Project Go-Lives), Good Feeling by Flo Rida (for all events) and We Are Family by Sister Sledge (for all events).

If you could run the company for a day, what changes or decisions would you make?

Lean Day and Gin Friday once a month 😉

If you had the opportunity to work in another area of the company for a limited period of time, which area would you choose and why?

The support / helpdesk: direct contact with end users is a part that I encounter less in the project business. Being able to solve a user’s problem and feeling the joy and direct sense of achievement would be a good experience. This would also allow many problems or ambiguities to be recognized at the grassroots level.

When you look back on your time at the company, what three adjectives would best describe how you felt during that time?

🚀 Motivated🏆 Successful🙌 Valued

If you were to write a book about your time here at the company, what title would you choose and what would the subtitle be?

The title would be “Sky is the Limit” and the subtitle would be «Think beyond the horizon».

What is the strangest or funniest experience or tradition within the team or the company that you have experienced during your time here?

The legendary evenings with our team in the Schützenhaus Oberuzwil (Heissä Stei).

If you could choose one element of the corporate culture that has inspired you the most, what would it be and why?

Independence/freedom: Every employee has the opportunity to expand their employment and activities. My daily work is what I make of it. I really appreciate that, as I have control over the direction in which I develop and the areas in which I deepen my knowledge. I always received support from my superiors and was always open to developing myself further.

We are proud to have Dani in our Microsoft Competence family and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

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