Artificial Intelligence (AI) for eCommerce Solutions

AI in eCommerce: Application examples and benefits

Software with artificial intelligence can accelerate workflows, streamline processes or optimise the user experience. We are already working with AI-supported services that already bring great benefits to eCommerce today.

Making comprehensive content available with Microsoft Cognitive Search

  • This cloud search service is the “Google for Business”, which means that the service searches with high quality, but takes into account the visibilities (personal or group sharing of content).
  • All contents incl. images, handwritten notes, various document repositories or existing databases can be shared for searching.
  • AI functions independently generate the structure (e.g. a PDF with customer address is automatically assigned to a customer).
  • Machine Learning technology improves ranking based on user behavior.

Learn more about the Azure Cognitive Search service

Convert PDF orders into shopping carts automatically thanks to AI-based form recognition

Today, very many orders are still sent as PDFs by mail. These must be manually rewritten in ERP purchase orders. This is where AI-powered Azure form recognition brings a lot of time and cost savings:

  • PDF files can be converted directly into orders in the ERP or into shopping carts for review by the customer. Processing costs are reduced because manual data entry is no longer required and the processing effort is reduced.
  • The customer benefits from 24/7 self-service (PDF order is suggested as a shopping cart, the customer checks, corrects and orders directly).
  • AI models provide high quality recognition of text and structure with no training required.

Learn more about Azure form recognition

24/7 service for customers and employees with intelligent chatbot

According to Microsoft, chat is the user experience of the future. We use chatbots in eCommerce to perform or support tasks and problem solving.

  • Chatbot queries are handled in an automated manner, with the chatbot answering questions based on the knowledge base or performing automated tasks (e.g., structuring internal orders or facilitating ticket creation).
  • Customers (e.g. in service) as well as employees (e.g. in IT support) benefit from AI-controlled chatbots. The customer receives an answer at any time and employees are relieved.

Learn more about the AI-powered chatbot and Power Virtual Agent

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