3 interesting insights on Generative AI from Microsoft Build AI Day

Generative AI Entwickler und Technologie-Enthusiasten im Zurich Convention Center, Circle, Flughafen Zürich

Insights from leading minds in the technology industry at AI Day

Recently, our Senior Software Engineer Lukas Jung represented our company at the “Microsoft Build AI Day” in Switzerland. As an expert in Microsoft Cloud and Generative AI solutions, he builds concrete solutions for our customers from the private and public sectors.
The Zurich Convention Center, filled with developers and technology enthusiasts, provided the perfect backdrop for this in-depth exchange on generative AI. Some of the most recognizable faces in the tech world, including Seth Juarez from Seattle, enriched the event with their knowledge and perspectives. This underlines the importance Microsoft attaches to this area and also reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of this revolutionary wave.

Generative AI expert Lukas Jung from Online (left), Marco Gerber from scopewyse (right)

The “Microsoft Build AI Day Switzerland” event was opened by Microsoft’s Swiss CEO Catrin Hinkel and Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. In the fast-moving realm of technology, “Generative AI” is at the forefront of ground-breaking developments. As a recognized partner of Microsoft and a pioneer in AI and cloud technologies, we are proud not only to be part of these innovations, but also to actively drive them forward.

Top 3 insights for successful generative AI projects

The breakout sessions and discussions with specialists from Microsoft confirmed that our approaches are at the cutting edge of technology and reflect the best practices of the AI industry. This strengthens our conviction that we are on the right track and that our strategies meet the needs of the market.

  • The quality of the data determines success:
    A recurring theme in both the opening keynotes and the breakout sessions was the importance of high-quality data. An AI system can only be as good as the data on which it is based. In our own projects, this has proven to be the be-all and end-all – investing in the acquisition and processing of high-quality data is essential for the success of Generative AI applications. Even after successful implementation, ensuring high-quality data and its maintenance, especially its up-to-dateness, is an important criterion for success.
  • Inspiring insights into GPT-4 Vision:
    The session on GPT-4 Vision was particularly inspiring and motivated us to take a closer look at these technologies. The potential for innovative applications and solutions made possible by GPT-4 Vision is enormous and we plan to fully exploit this potential.
  • New possibilities by combining searches in vector databases for Generative AI:
    Another exciting topic was the possibilities opened up by combining traditional SQL queries with similarity searches in vector databases. This innovative approach can revolutionize the way we query and analyze data and offers exciting new avenues for data processing and analytics in Generative AI projects.

Deeper insights into the challenges and opportunities of Generative AI

A highlight of the event was the interview with Andrew Reid, Global Partner Solution Director, who spoke about various aspects of Generative AI, including energy consumption, job anxiety, talent acquisition and his personal vision for the future. These discussions highlighted the complex implications of Generative AI and reinforced our understanding of the importance of using the technology in a responsible and future-oriented way.

Ahead with Microsoft Cloud and Generative AI

The topics of the AI Day, such as creating powerful Generative AI applications with the Copilot Stack or securing Generative AI applications, show that Microsoft and we as partners provide the tools and strategies to successfully master the challenges of today and tomorrow. The AI Day gave us the opportunity to deepen our expertise in the areas of Azure OpenAI, CopilotStudio and Azure AI Studio. Our commitment to these advanced technologies enables us to offer process automation and generative AI solutions that are specifically designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

AI Readiness Check – your first step towards transformation

We know that getting started with Generative AI can be a challenging decision. That is why we have introduced the first AI Readiness Check in Switzerland. This check consists of around 20 questions to assess how well your infrastructure, your data and your employees are prepared for the challenges of the future. The resulting AI Readiness Report is sent to you automatically and free of charge as a PDF and contains valuable recommendations for action as well as a benchmark comparison.

Visit our AI Insights section for more in-depth information

For further information and in-depth insights into the world of AI, visit our AI Insights section. There you will find resources and detailed analyses to help you fully exploit the possibilities of Generative AI.

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