How Microsoft Teams is changing collaboration

Creative collaboration internally and externally

Microsoft Teams has become widespread with the onset of the pandemic. But what has the programme achieved, especially in companies?

The use of Microsoft Teams and time spent in the home office has fundamentally changed the way employees collaborate. Companies and employees had to find solutions to continue working efficiently. Collaboration with external partners, suppliers and customers was also affected. Microsoft Teams became more and more important.

Central work tool in the company

The guiding principle behind Microsoft Teams is that everything takes place centrally in one place and users no longer have to switch back and forth between different programs. It should become the tool that is opened first in the morning and closed last in the evening. With Microsoft Teams, the workplace becomes a Modern Workplace.

Integration of different applications

The possibility of integrating various applications in Microsoft Teams creates completely new fields of use and application areas. The integration of Dynamics 365, Power Platform, OneNote, etc. extends Microsoft Teams to a comprehensive construction kit. This makes all tools centrally accessible and easier to use for work.

Connection to SharePoint promotes collaboration

Using Microsoft Teams, it is not only possible to find communicative solutions. Collaboration within a company also becomes more transparent and consistent. By connecting to SharePoint, employees can search, open and share all documents within teams. This allows different team members to open the files directly and work on them together without having to switch to another application first. In addition, it is possible to invite external people to collaborate in Microsoft Teams.

Communication from a single source

In order to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams, a large part of the communication may only take place via this channel. Therefore, with Microsoft Teams it is possible to hold meetings via voice or video call or share info with a selected group. With the chat function you can communicate in real time and provide messages with reactions. Likewise, all telephony can be connected in Microsoft Teams, thus preventing further media disruption.

The future of collaboration: digital vs. analog

Many of these forced changes would have been unthinkable for many companies until two years ago. The circumstances have led to investment in digitization and a rethinking of the basic approach to collaboration and communication.

In the future, it will be important to continue to drive digitization in companies without losing sight of people as a workforce. Immersing yourself in the completely digital world also poses risks for team cohesion and group performance. An exciting middle ground and the combination of digital world and analog humanity will probably be the right mix for many companies.

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