Microsoft 365 Tenant Analysis brings more security

Is your Microsoft 365 tenant optimally configured?

A tenant analysis quickly shows where security settings and configuration of this cloud platform can be improved. Microsoft 365® is the cloud offering from Microsoft Inc.

Each installation is based on a tenant, the heart of the management of all services. For the basic functions, the tenant is quick and easy to set up; but as the basis for your future IT architecture in the cloud, it is highly configurable.

What is a tenant?

A tenant is a logical unit under which all associated users and data are grouped and managed. Translated from English, tenant means “tenant”.

For a better understanding, let’s look at the term “tenant” in the context of the Microsoft 365 environment: the purpose of a cloud system is to provide computing power and services independently of the user. You are not renting a single PC or server, but the right to use the Microsoft 365 services you have licensed. The data you store and process in the Microsoft 365 Cloud belongs to you. Microsoft must assign this data – even if it is in different locations – to the tenant. This ensures that only you and persons authorized by you as tenants have access to it.

The process in practice

Your Microsoft 365 tenant has been created and the most important default settings have been applied by default. But how were the settings configured in the Admin Center? Are guests or external users allowed to access your tenant? Individual dedicated admin centers and Azure Active Directory, etc. don’t make it easy for IT managers to answer these questions and get all the settings right from the start. However, user needs must be met and security, compliance and regulatory requirements must be adhered to.

The Online Tenant Analysis

Online consultants support you and evaluate the settings of your Microsoft 365 cloud platform with you. We analyze the current state of the basic configuration as well as the configuration of all deployed services. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive document with recommendations for action. We explain where there is a need and why we recommend the measures.

Technical aspects

In the area of security and data protection alone, there is a whole range of rights and obligations for you as a data owner. Based on your deployed licenses, you have many choices in the M365 Cloud to fulfill these rights and obligations. We show which variants are available for you and how to use them.

As a certified Microsoft partner, we provide sound advice and evaluate how you can best proceed to optimize the M365 tenant. We will also be happy to implement the recommendations for action for you or help you do so. Our goal is to ensure that the configuration of your tenant covers all your needs and that you can work productively and securely with Microsoft 365.

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