NLP expert team in Poland supports Swiss start-up

Innovative NLP platform for the Swiss construction industry

Our partner, a start-up based in Zurich, faced some hurdles in finding an engineering team in Switzerland. Thanks to the establishment of an engineering team in Poland, the company was able to implement its project and successfully scale its product.

The expert team was built using the nearshoring model and is developing an innovative NLP platform for the Swiss construction industry….

How the NLP technique will transform the construction and real estate industry

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that deals with the processing and interpretation of natural language. NLP and Artificial Intelligence technology will revolutionize the construction and real estate industry in the coming years. Currently, for example, they are helping to automate the process for creating 3D models of buildings from 2D plans.

NLP engineering is also used to

  • analyze large data sets in the project documentation of the construction
  • Identify non-compliant structures
  • Extract relevant information from legal documents
  • Review contracts for inconsistencies and risks

Our case study: Swiss start-up builds an NLP platform

The company developed a software platform that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and interpret natural language text. The platform is based on the company’s proprietary NLP model, which can be used to analyze complex documents in the areas of law and finance.

The startup focuses on a solution that helps companies in the construction and real estate industries:

  • Automate and streamline their operations
  • Improve decision making
  • Gain insights from large amounts of unstructured data

The founders realized early on that they needed an NLP engineering team to develop their product. They searched for experienced people in Switzerland, unfortunately without success. So they decided to build a team in Poland.

The challenges of building an NLP expert team in Switzerland

The challenges in Switzerland are the limited number of qualified engineers in NLP and machine learning and the high salaries. These range for engineers in NLP and Machine Learning from CHF 90,000 to 188,000 per year, with the average salary being CHF 103,000 . In addition, it can be difficult to hire employees from abroad due to the country’s immigration laws.

The advantages of cooperation with a team of NLP experts in Poland

In Poland, there is a larger pool of qualified engineers and hiring costs are lower than in Switzerland. This makes it easier to find the right people for the specific tasks. Moreover, Polish engineers are familiar with a typical machine learning technology stack such as Python, Django, NodeJs, Tensorflow, Transformer Models, ElasticSearch, Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Containerization (Docker) and deployment of machine learning pipelines. This makes it easier to develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

The best strategy and an effective recruitment process

Thanks to our previous collaboration with several Swiss startups, we have developed an effective process: Successful Nearshoring Software Development for Yapeal.

First, we identify the specific skills and experience required for the project and create the profile of the perfect candidate. We are looking for both active and passive candidates, whom we contact directly. We work seamlessly with our partners to identify and hire the best candidates faster and more accurately. To streamline our recruiting process, we introduced Kanban boards and agile methods.

The next step is to develop a hiring process that provides a comprehensive assessment of candidates. This should include technical testing and video interviews to measure knowledge and skills.

After selecting candidates, you have to create an environment in which they can flourish. This includes access to the right tools and resources, a shared workspace, and the provision of mentorship and training opportunities. In addition, the team must receive the necessary support from management. This creates a collaborative and creative environment where the team can work together to achieve their goals.

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