Revolution in waste disposal with low-code customer portal

Daniel Sevinc als Speaker am Event "Einfach verstehen, erfolgreich digitalisieren.

Event “Simply understand, successfully digitize” with our low-code expertise

The Ergonomen Usability AG have invited to a new edition of the event series “Einfach verstehen! The focus was on a joint project with us for KVA Thurgau.

The change begins: paperless working and user experience take center stage

Christopher Müller, owner of Die Ergonomen Usability AG, opened the event with a look at the past of paperwork and emphasized the need to not only change the medium, but to optimize the entire process. This is where the user experience comes into play, and Ergonomen Usability AG is relying on the words of Steve Jobs: “The customer experience is the starting point from which you work your way back to the technology.

The key to success: digitizing the collection of company waste containers

Marco Weber, Head of IT and Digitalization at KVA Thurgau, presented the core of the project. The waste incineration plant, which is responsible for the collection and recycling of industrial waste, was faced with the challenge of making the emptying of 2,500 containers, which are only filled sporadically, more efficient. Currently, the collection trucks follow a fixed route to identify containers with green seals, which indicates that the container is full. The problem: inefficient route planning leads to high costs and environmental impact. The aim of the “E-Container” project is to digitize the green seals and annual vignettes. Orders for collection can now be placed conveniently via an app or customer portal, and the information is seamlessly integrated into existing planning systems.

The user’s advocate: user-centered approach and requirements analysis

Sandro Zuppiger, UX and Usability Consultant at Die Ergonomen Usability AG, emphasized the company’s role as an “advocate for users”. The development of the solutions is based on the needs of the users. Comprehensive user research formed the first step of the project. Over 100 customers of KVA Thurgau were asked about their expectations of a digital solution for container collection. The insights gained led to specific requests, including an appointment scheduler, flexible pick-up options and a pick-up confirmation.

The role of online: Low-code technology and collaboration

Daniel Sevinc, Deputy Chairman Head of Microsoft Competence at Online, relies on modern low-code technology for development, in particular the tools of the Microsoft Power Platform. This modular system not only enables efficient implementation of the project, but also simple adaptation and expansion of apps and workflows in the future. Cooperation with the internal IT team at KVA Thurgau is crucial, and we can divide up the various responsibilities and project parts depending on the level of experience.

Sustainable partnership: operation and expansion of applications

Our expertise does not end with the completion of the project. We offer support in the operation and continuous expansion of the applications. The low-code technology makes it possible to react quickly to changing requirements, and we are available as a reliable partner to ensure that the solution is also used optimally in the long term.

Conclusion: Digital transformation with the low-code expertise of online

The digitalization of waste disposal through the “E-Container” project is taken to a new level thanks to our low-code expertise. The flexibility and adaptability of the developed solution are not only a contribution to increasing efficiency, but also to sustainability in waste disposal. We show how our technological expertise and collaborative partnerships can shape the future of digital transformation. Stay tuned for a cleaner future!

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