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AI Chatbot Entwicklung

Every company today has huge amounts of data stored in different locations. It is often difficult for employees to maintain an overview and find the information they need quickly and easily.

Our revolutionary AI chatbot now consolidates all company knowledge in one place, not only increasing your team’s productivity but also improving your customers’ user experience.

Based on Generative AI and OpenAI’s powerful ChatGPT technology, our AI chatbot offers first-class response quality and lightning-fast response times – while providing maximum protection for your confidential data.

AI chatbots are suitable for this

24/7 customer service
The chatbot answers your customers’ concerns around the clock.

Technical support
The chatbot immediately finds the right place in the manual or jumps to the right time frame in video instructions.

Product advice

Based on customer preferences and behavior, the chatbot can recommend the right product.

Employee service
Quick answers to questions about HR guidelines, processes and know-how.

Sales support
Sales employees can be assisted by the chatbot when advising customers.

By automatically analyzing CVs, the chatbot sorts applicants and thus supports HR.

New employees will find all the company knowledge gathered in one place.

AI Chatbot Beispiel

The AI chatbot comes with these features

First-class answers thanks to Generative AI

In contrast to conventional chatbots, which are limited to predefined answers, our chatbot is based on Generative AI. It delivers precise and relevant answers in real time and adapts flexibly to a wide range of queries.

Maximum security for your data

The Microsoft Azure OpenAI platform guarantees the highest security and data protection standards. Sensitive company data remains absolutely protected and is never used to train the model.

No language barriers

Because it works in all languages, the chatbot can be used anywhere in the world.

Image, video and voice recognition

Our AI chatbot analyzes and understands images, videos and spoken language, which significantly expands the possibilities for interaction.

Automation of repetitive tasks

The AI chatbot can be expanded into a comprehensive agent that carries out processes and transactions independently.

Multichannel support

The AI chatbot can be integrated into websites, mobile apps, Microsoft Teams and much more. to ensure seamless and comprehensive communication.

Quality & safety

Intelligent error correction

Our chatbot uses the Reprompt API to automatically detect and correct incorrect AI responses without the need for a full evaluation pipeline. Comprehensive testing and RAG retrieval ensure that all answers are accurate and contextual. The system monitors and prevents unrelated responses, ensures the relevance of each response and thus significantly improves the reliability and effectiveness of communication.

Analysis & evaluation

With Microsoft PowerBI, you can analyze and evaluate the response ratings of your chatbot in detail. This gives you valuable insights into the performance of the chatbot and allows you to optimize it in a targeted manner.

Ethics and compliance

Our chatbot sets new standards in ethics and compliance through strict content controls and advanced technologies. Strict guardrails prevent content from violating ethical guidelines or company standards, including the avoidance of defamatory statements and sexual or racist remarks. Automatic filter mechanisms block inappropriate content in real time, while the chatbot adheres strictly to company guidelines and only delivers compliant responses.

High safety standards

Azure offers a robust system environment that ensures comprehensive security and quality features for your AI chatbot. Strict access controls and detailed audit logs provide additional security and transparency. Azure meets international compliance standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, which ensures compliance with legal requirements and maximum data security. With a global infrastructure, Azure also offers high availability and reliability.


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Tech stack for the AI chatbot

100% Microsoft Azure Cloud

Our chatbot service runs entirely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which ensures high availability, scalability and security. If you have your own Azure tenant, we integrate the solution directly into your tenant. Your data never leaves your Azure environment.

Low code technology

The use of Microsoft Azure OpenAI enables powerful and precise natural language processing through the integrated OpenAI technology. Thanks to the low-code tool RepromptAI, you can quickly and easily make the desired adjustments to the AI chatbot yourself or train contexts with new data sources. This method is called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF).

RAG Architecture

Our chatbot combines advanced retrieval and generative technologies (RAG). It accesses external data sources to improve the accuracy and relevance of the answers. Compared to conventional chatbots, which are limited to predefined scripts, our AI chatbot dynamically adapts to new topics thanks to the RAG architecture, which significantly reduces maintenance effort. 

Flexible integration of additional LLMs

If required, additional Large Language Models (LLMs) and GPT models such as Meta’s Llama 3, Mistral or Micrsoft’s open source model Phi-3 can be integrated into the AI chatbot.
An overview of all language models on Microsoft

Extensive file format support

The architecture of the AI Chatbot supports a wide range of file formats and is compatible with file types such as .doc(x), .htm, .html, .md, .pdf, .ppt(x), .py, .txt and .xls(x).

Image and video interpretation

Our chatbot can analyze and interpret image and video files. The audio track of the videos is automatically transcribed and added to the chatbot’s knowledge index. This allows the chatbot to specify the appropriate video in the respective answers and even play it at the exact time stamp.

Overview of video formats on Microsoft

How we implemented the AI chatbot at Bernina

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