5 keys to success with Generative AI

5 Schlüssel zum Erfolg mit Generative AI

More and more companies are relying on the power of Generative AI

We strive to always provide the latest and most relevant information on Generative AI for our customers. This includes regular exchanges with Microsoft, our partner RepromptAI in Silicon Valley, as well as participation in Switzerland’s largest independent Data + AI Leadership Day and the continuous monitoring of relevant market trends. The Data + AI Leadership Day is an ideal time for us to take stock after almost 2 years of Generative AI projects.

Many companies have worked intensively with Generative AI and learned a lot. This technology will continue to change the way we work. The Data + AI Leadership Day shows that companies in Switzerland, including big names such as Post Finance, Digitec Galaxus, Bühler, ZKB, Mobiliar and Helvetia, are in the process of understanding, using and learning this new technology. We do the same for our own company, as well as for our customers such as BERNINA, the Canton of St. Gallen and many others from business and the public sector.

Exchange of experience on Generative AI from leading companies in Switzerland.

According to a study by McKinsey, 65% of the companies surveyed already use Generative AI on a regular basis. This figure has doubled in just ten months. This shows how important it is to get to grips with AI now.

High proportion of regular Generative AI users according to McKinsey.

Our 5 keys to success

1. check your AI readiness

Before you start with Generative AI, you should know where your company stands. A thorough assessment of your AI readiness will help you identify gaps and opportunities. Check your data infrastructure, your existing AI capabilities and how technologically fit your company is. This is the first step on the road to success with AI. Our free AI readiness check or our webinar on “Is your company ready for AI?” will help you with this.

2. find use cases

Generative AI can be used in many areas. Find out which processes in your company could benefit from AI. These could be tasks that are improved through automation and analysis. Whether in customer service with AI chatbots or in logistics – the possibilities are many and varied. We will be happy to help you.

PostFinance has identified around a dozen use cases for Generative AI.

3. create a solid database

Data is the fuel for AI. To get the best out of Generative AI, you need a good database. Identify which data is important for your business processes and ensure that this data is of high quality, accessible and secure. The quality of your AI processes depends heavily on the data they are fed with. The Microsoft Azure Cloud is ideal for this. https://www.online.ch/microsoft-partner/

4. promote AI awareness and further training

The introduction of AI is not only a technological change, but also a cultural one. Make sure your employees are ready for AI. Promote awareness of AI and invest in training programs. Your employees will learn how they can use AI in their everyday lives. A well-informed team is the key to driving innovation. Our Copilot Takeoff Package can be a good introduction to working with AI with Microsoft Copilot.

Generative AI requires a culture of continuous improvement.

5. create an AI guideline

Create an AI guideline for your employees. A clear guideline gives everyone in the company guidance on how to integrate AI effectively and responsibly into their work. This not only promotes acceptance of the technology, but also ensures uniform standards in dealing with AI. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/guidelines-application-artificial-intelligence-ai-online-balz-zuerrer/

Learn from industry leaders

In the dynamic field of Generative AI, it is important to learn from industry leaders and global companies. These organizations often serve as a benchmark for best practices and innovative use cases. The democratization of AI technology, especially through cloud services, also enables small and medium-sized companies to use AI tools such as Copilot and ChatGPT. This gives them a competitive advantage. In contrast to large corporations, smaller companies can adapt their processes quickly and are often more flexible, like a speedboat compared to the big tankers.

PostFinance Assistant – Generative AI chatbot for advising employees

Generative AI has enormous potential to drive both operational excellence and process improvements. By ensuring AI readiness, identifying use cases, building a strong database, raising awareness of AI and creating comprehensive AI guidelines, your organization can effectively harness the power of Generative AI.

In conclusion, the journey towards the successful integration of AI is an ongoing one. Continuous learning and adaptation are crucial. As the environment evolves, it helps companies stay informed and agile to not only keep up, but also lead the way in AI innovation.

Do you have specific questions about how you can give your company a boost with Generative AI?

Our expert will be happy to answer your questions and help you on your way.

Marco Denzler
Marco DenzlerHead of Business Development

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