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Die Ablösung von Valo SharePoint kann grosser Herausforderungen darstellen.

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In the fast-moving world of technology, platforms and solutions are constantly changing – what is leading today may be obsolete tomorrow. This is particularly relevant if you have implemented your intranet and collaboration platform with Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles.

Valo SharePoint, a popular add-on for SharePoint to improve the intranet experience, will be discontinued in summer 2025. This could be problematic for many organizations that rely on this platform for their daily operations. The need to find a reliable and future-proof alternative is more urgent than ever.

Matchpoint Livetiles, another SharePoint optimization tool, is currently undergoing insolvency proceedings, leading to uncertainties regarding the future and stability of this solution. The potential risks for business processes are enormous if a technology used is no longer supported. Recently, all employees in Switzerland were made redundant and the site was closed.

What does this mean for your company if you have opted for Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles?

Choosing to rely on insecure or soon-to-be-obsolete systems can leave your organization vulnerable – not just technologically, but also business-wise. Switching to a stable and evolving platform is not an option, but a necessity.

Why should you act now if you use Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles?

The sooner you switch to a robust and future-proof solution, the lower the risk of business interruptions. Migrating from a platform such as Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles requires careful planning, competent implementation and strategic considerations.

Why should you trust us to replace Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles?

Our team of experts has extensive experience in implementing SharePoint solutions for a wide range of industries. We understand the complexities and challenges of such projects and are well equipped to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

Advantages of an intranet platform that relies on standards, with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online, instead of Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles:

  • No additional license costs for new third-party software
  • Seamless integration into the modern workplace with Microsoft Teams
  • Lower acceptance hurdle and faster adoption by your employees due to the familiar environment
  • No dependence on a single specialist company, as the solution was implemented using standard tools from Microsoft 365
  • Benefit immediately from new possibilities made possible by the rapid development of Microsoft Copilot and AI solutions and don’t wait long for the product manufacturer to integrate them

Our expertise in SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premise, Microsoft 365, Teams and Viva enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of the times and align ourselves with the latest Microsoft standards. We not only offer standard solutions, but also develop cost-effective, individual adaptations that are precisely tailored to your needs. We also rely on integrations with the low-code solution Microsoft Power Platform.

Want to get more out of your intranet? We specialize in process automation, collaboration platforms, extranets and customer portals. Offer your users a place to digitize processes, structure and communicate information and collaborate efficiently with internal and external partners. Score points with your employees with enormous versatility, modular collaboration spaces and individual solutions such as knowledge management and much more.

Our satisfied customers include well-known institutions and companies such as the Canton of St. Gallen, Axept, Switzerland’s leading Abacus partner, and Schiller, the world’s leading manufacturer in the medical sector.

With our years of expertise in SharePoint, replacing Valo SharePoint is child's play.

Get more out of your intranet – with Microsoft Copilot AI-boost.

If you want to boost your employee productivity through next-gen services with artificial intelligence on your intranet, then you’ve come to the right place. Of course, we also consider AI in your new architecture in a replacement project for Valo or Matchpoint Livetiles.

Do you want to keep your SharePoint on-premise, even if you have to replace your Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles?

No problem, we have comprehensive SharePoint know-how for over 15 years and support many satisfied SharePoint on-premise customers in regulated industries such as banks, authorities or blue light organizations – without add-ons such as Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles.

Our service for you to replace Valo SharePoint or Matchpoint Livetiles:

  • Analysis of the current situation, your requirements and your vision
  • Development of a user-oriented information architecture, consideration of state-of-the-art solutions with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Copilot and Viva
  • Creation of a migration plan incl. Consideration of multilingualism and a good user experience (adoption)
  • Setting up solutions and adapting them to your wishes.
  • Ongoing support and further development of your Microsoft 365 collaboration platform

Say goodbye to Valo SharePoint and Matchpoint Livetiles! Say hello to Online!

I am happy to provide further information and advice.

Michael MeyerBusiness Consultant

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